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  • Cassandra Fishkin

How to Microdose

Updated: Jan 21

A simple guide microdosing

Microdosing can be scary but here are the simple steps

Step zero: Prepare your mind and body

  • Engage in meditation and breathing practices

  • Eat a clean balanced diet. Avoid all processed foods and products

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Get quality sleep

Step one: Plan

Remove the friction between you healing. Have a clear schedule and plan of your who what when where why.

  • Who is this for?

    • Do you want to heal for yourself or somebody else?

  • Why are you microdosing?

    • If its for you, what reason?

    • If for somebody else, why?

  • What are you doing?

    • What activity will you be doing?

    • This is dependent on your why. Make sure the activity product you choose matches your intentions.

  • When will you microdose?

    • On what days and time will you take it?

    • Make sure you have an adequate supply.

  • Where will you be?

    • For your safety and the safety of others be cautious of what activities you will be doing when microdosing

"When friction is high, habits are difficult." – James Clear, Atomic Habits

Step two: Make it personal

  • Set a goal or intention with your microsdose cycle

  • Develop a daily practice to release thoughts and activate feelings

    • This can be journaling, breathwork, movement, singing, art, music. Anything that you resonate with.

Here is our weekly guidelines but change it as you see fit.

Monday: 200 mg dose

Tuesday: off day

Wednesday: 200 mg dose

Thursday: off day

Friday: off day

Saturday: 200 mg Dose


1 day 100 mg dose

2-3 off days

2nd 100 mg dose


We always recommend to Adhere to off-days, take a one day break at least every 3 days to allow your body to integrate.

Most importantly Be Consistent

  • Complete a full 30 day cycle to unlock the potential of microdosing

  • Eliminate distractions from your daily practice

Step three: Reflect

At the end of the day reflect. Make sure to schedule 3-5 minutes in your calendar.

  • How did you feel today?

  • Were you present?

  • What was the high and low of your day & why?

  • What can you do better?

  • What can you stop doing?

  • What can you start doing?

  • What frequent negative thought did you have today?

  • Find evidence against those negative beliefs.

The goal is jot down your thoughts as quickly as possible. Be as honest as you can and thing about your why or purpose.

With every question you answer you get closer to accomplishing your why.

Step five: still confused?

We understand that this process of self healing can be overwhelming. Your life can be better. Either send us a message or book a free call.

We offer:

  • Guided Psyche Journeys

  • Bufo Sessions

  • Integration Sessions

  • Wellness Coaching.

It takes time

Its all simple once you understand what to do. However, it takes time to understand. Further, it takes experience to build confidence. The theory is simple. Have a strong why. Identify what you have to do. Break it down into simple. Do it as frequently as possible. Microdosing is a tool to help you answer hard hitting questions and engage with life like never before.

So... are you ready?

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